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Art Updates

The Palace

Over 50 artisans from the Tri-State area have their work available for sale at The Palace, located at 2008 Cumberland Ave in downtown Middlesboro. Many of these same artisans are receiving training in entrepreneurship and starting their own business. The New York Community Trust funded the 2-year pilot Selling to the World initiative. Other partners include the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program and Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College.

Middlesborough Little Theatre

The Middlesborough Little Theatre (MLT) is a community theatre program founded in 1947. They perform two full-length plays and "An Evening of One-Acts" each year. New in 2016 they will be bringing some of their productions downtown to an expanded stage in the Levitt AMP Middlesboro Park. MLT is a Kentucky Arts Partnership funded organization that received funding from the Kentucky Arts Council that is passed through from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Creative Placemaking

Middlesboro is a nationally recognized leader in creative placemaking. Through two successful Better Block events in October 2013 and May 2014, Discover Downtown Middlesboro engaged area artists, students, and local residents to make improvements to the downtown. These reactivated vacant storefronts, brought life to the streets, and demonstrated the potential for an artisan led economy downtown. Pop-up parks have taken previously vacant lots and made them in to colorful, lively, and attractive gathering places. And our popular "Appalachian Chairs" made from shipping pallets and painted lively colors now line Cumberland Avenue. This is just the beginning. In the coming years there is great potential to engage artists and other creative people in the revival of our downtown.

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